Pune ... Monsoon experiences

Well writing after a long time, yea its been few days or may b months since i have written on this blog but what to do didnt had time.Anyways I am back here for now and writting abt my experiences in pune.got to be city of so many choices and places to visit.I had this so much rounds of entire city that pune is becoming like my hometown now,all the roads, streets,one way are in my head as its my hometown.well anyways im writting about pune,and i find it extremely chilly at this point temperatures have gone down like anything about 6-7degrees fall,sometimes sweaters r the need for the day.its been raining continously since last few days, and i got to say i like the weather only cold part not the rains hehehe :P

Well had this terific bengali food, and you have lots of good restaurants hereto name a few there is this Ghatak on Bhadarkar road you get bengali thali for 60 rupees unlimited.then there is this Top in Town near Deccan gymkhana which serves really good bengali food.Well enough for now,i will write something new next time.Till then bbye!!

Stages of Orkut Account Good One!

Stages of an Orkut account!!!

Pappu (real name “Nilesh”) opens an Orkut account.
Stage 1:
Pappu is called as “Pappu” and is 16 years old, have just cleared 10th standard exam. He opens an Orkut account.
About Me: Some “sher/poem” explaining friendship and love.
Profile picture: Hritik or Shahid’s photo
Album: Katrina, Ayesha Takia, Amrita Raos photos, Pics of Shah Rukh Khans home
Scraps: More “sher/poems”s explaining all the philosophy in the world and claiming that Friendship and Love are the most important things in life.
Friends: Invitation sent to each and everyone on Orkut.
Communities: 10th standard batch community, Some brazilian community, Tendulkar / Federer fan community, Sunsign / Moonsign community
Testimonial: Messages like “hoz u” / “wch col” / “hi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! … u thr ….. tc” will be in the testimonials.

Stage 2:
Pappu has completed his bachelors. He is now called as Nilesh by everyone. He has got a job in a good company.

About Me: Only in this stage about me is really “About me”. Its full of what Nilesh likes, what he doesnt like, what he does in his spare time etc etc.
Profile pic: Nilesh wearing goggle on some fort / tourist spot.
Album: Nilesh and gang visiting each and every Multiplex / Fort / Water Fall in 100 km radius on bike.
Scraps: Mainly this scrap from Girls “Do I know you ?”
Friends: All the school, college batch mates, all the girls who are open to accept friend requests
Communities: “Name Beginning with”, “Surname beginning with”, Company community, College community
Testimonial: Testimonial claiming how is he the “GD” of at least three guys and how average he is and how he could be a good BF.

Stage 3:
Nilesh has now 5 years of work exp. He has been “onsite” once. His hair line is receding. And his parents are now “actively” looking for a girl for him.

About Me: A very formal about me. Telling everyone where he works and his age and his hobbies.
Profile pic: Nilesh in formals attending some cousins wedding / In front of some famous building in US
Album: Full of Onsite pics. This includes pics of the famous buildings, roads in US, bikes and cars in US, US hotel room photos
Scraps: Mainly scraps from girls looking for a good husband. Occasional scraps from school / college batch mates who are planning re union (which never happens)
Friends: Very few additions to the friend list. Mainly people from the company.
Communities: Community for his caste / sub caste
Testimonial: No new testimonials.

Stage 4 :Nilesh is now married for 2 months.

About Me: No about me.
Profile pic: Nilesh and his wife on honeymoon. Holding each other on some hill top.
Album: Full of Marriage and Honeymoon pics. In all the pics the couple is standing extremely close to each other. Very rarely anything other than the couple is seen in the pics.
Scraps: Scrap by almost everyone in the friend list congratulating on his marriage.
Friends: Additions to the friend list are people from his wifes family. Typically a “Saali” or “Saala”.
Communities: No addition to the communities.
Testimonial: “Saali/sister-in-law” writes testimonial for her “Jiju/brother-in-law”.

Stage 5:
Nilesh is now married for 2 years.

About Me: Some management / Philosophical/ “Self Help” type of funda.
Profile pic: The marriage pic.
Album: School and college farewell party, pics with the friends from first company when Nilesh’s waist was 28 (Now its 34 threatening to reach 36)
Scraps: Thank you scraps for the B’day wishes Nilesh has sent.
Friends: No additions to the friend list.
Communities: No addition to the communities.
Testimonial: No testimonials.

Stage 6:Nilesh and his wife now have a baby.

About Me: Nothing.
Profile pic: Kids photo
Album: Only the kids snaps.
Scraps: “Congratulations for the Gods gift” type of scraps.
Friends: No additions.
Communities: No addition to the communities.
Testimonial: No testimonials.

And after this everything is about the Kid and Wife and Nilesh is not living for himself but he is living for his parents / wife / kids. Nowadays Nilesh spends more time on “LinkedIn” than on Orkut.